Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Survey Dry Run at Fataldao, Brgy San Jose, General Santos City

This is the second day of the PDMS Survey training. We went to Purok Fataldao in Brgy San Jose to interview homepartners.

This time is different from the previous survey projects we have conducted. Instead of the field interviewers going house to house, the homepartners were all gathered at the local chapel. After their regular meeting with DSWD, the interview started right were they sat.

I just have a feeling that we are starting the project right. We have 10 interviewers and 5 supervisors to monitor them. At the moment a supervisor sees doubtful data, the questionnaire is given back right away to the interviewer and clarify the data.

A new customization is need to the PDMS software as we must accomodate cultural aspect of the survey. We need to think about a strategy in the software to link separate households who have one father, as is common to muslim culture they call "duaya".

This is a day of hardwork for everybody.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Build for Peace in Mindanao

I took a slow boat from Bohol last night at 10.30pm and arrive cebu at 2.30am. I met my long time friend and classmate Jeffrey Real on the boat. He was lucky to have a cot while i just slept on the bench. I rise up sometimes to watch segment of all 3 Blade movies being shown in the entire ship.

I just stayed in the boat until 6.00am. I met Tony Irving at Mactan Airport.

We were met by Mr. Butch Batilong ang Mr. Boyet Macorol in General Santos Airport just in time for lunch.

We start the household survey component of Build for Peace in Mindanao Project on my 29th birthday (today)!