Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Monday, October 02, 2006

Solomon Islands is 3 hours ahead of Manila.
This is my third day since our dramatic entrance to this country. We are here for a 25 day project that involves an interview of 150 household, of which their profile would be stored on a computer database.
This project has been implemented in the entire province of Bohol, Philippines. Then it was replicated in East Timor for Habitat for Humanity Home Partners. Now, UNDP wants this project replicated in Solomons. Isabel Province is chosen for the pilot phase.
Tony Irving, the lead developer of the Poverty Database and Monitoring Software is finalizing his codes. Fernando Camba who is connected with tne National Economic and Development Authority of the Philippines is presenting DevInfo 5.0 to Zakir Hussain, UNDP Project Consultant in Isabel Province, Solomon Islands.
Maria Paz Espiritu is revising our schedule since we arrived late and will leave earlier than expected. I have just finished a siginificant part of the PDMS Software's Manual.