Friday, December 30, 2005

What a day!

Whew! I have only 30 mins to get dressed and prepare for our Class 1991 reunion. I thought the activity would start in morning so I went home earlier than usual yesterday. I just found out the reunion would actually start with a registration at 6.30 PM today at Metro Center Hotel.

I have nothing else to do so I went here in BLDF office to create new blog account for my boss' friend. But what consumed most of my time is of course chatting with my girl and writing scripts to parse Google News feed on the topic of 'Poverty in Bohol'.

I want to thank those who made news syndication possible. It allows our website to get fresh contents without having to store the pages in our web server and thus it doesn't consume our precious web/disk space.

Our NGO is tight on finances and we cannot afford to purchase more expensive, feature-rich web hosting plan. So here I am, doing anything possible to create dynamic pages on the fly, without even a MySQL database backend.

In the end, I get to learn many new things about programming.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Move on

I have been copying blog entries from my boss' previous blog account into his new blog account that I have just created yesterday.

It's a tedious process since I don't know of any method wherein I can import blog entries from the old account into a new one.

The reason I am doing this is because, I felt a little insecure about easyjournal's blog services when, after processing xml feeds using php and displaying the latest blog entry in our home page poverty cafe, the user is being misled when clicking on the permanent link of the blog entry.

Sounds confusing isn't it? I will try to be more specific

I subscribe to the rss feed of my boss easyjournal blog ( ).
When I checked on the raw xml codes, I noticed that the links has been modified into! I have no idea how this happens. Do you?

Obviously, in any parser script that you make, the link will take you to whatever it is in the raw xml codes that you parse. I dont see any connection at all between and

Hence, I moved on to google's blogspot and my boss says we made a wise decision.